One cannot help but notice that in recent years, there has been an increased focus on balancing one’s mental health and reducing burnout in the workplace, especially as trends such as The Great Resignation came into the spotlight. People are now turning to “easy jobs,” so dubbed not because they require less skills, time, or energy to perform, but because they are less likely to expose you to high-pressure, stressful situations that negatively impact your mental health.

Below is a list of 10 “easy” occupations that pay a reasonably decent-to-high salary. Please bear in mind while reading this list that “easy” is subjective and can be influenced by several factors including choice of employer, location, work environment, niche, etc., so what may be perceived as easy for one may not be for another. Carefully explore and research your options before jumping to conclusions.

(Salary data has been compiled from salary comparison sites Glassdoor,, and Comparably.)

Art director

If you’re seeking an exciting while relatively low-stress career in the arts, this might just be the role for you. Art directors maintain creative vision and direct advertising projects including TV commercials, films, shows, and live performances. They determine the overall messaging that is relayed to an audience and lead teams of artists.

Entry requirements: Art directors have backgrounds such as photography, fashion design, graphic design, or fine arts. Holding a bachelor’s in the arts is also a common factor amongst art directors.

Average salary: $142,377

Marketing specialist

Marketing specialists brainstorm ideas for advertising campaigns, analyse market data and trends, and improve overall brand awareness.

Entry requirements: Most roles require some formal education in marketing, however there are employers who would be willing to negotiate this in favor of your prior experience.

Average salary: $77,298

Truck driver

According to job platform Monster, truck drivers traverse long distances, load and unload cargo, carry out truck maintenance inspections, and verify loads for accuracy. This can be quite a rewarding role, especially if you are keen to explore various locations other than where you live.

Entry requirements: Every country’s requirements will be different, so you must check your individual country to be certain of the requirements. Generally, you will be required to already be in possession of a car licence and you will need to pass medical tests and undergo training school to obtain the necessary licensing for truck driving.

Average salary: $67,780

Personal trainer

Personal trainers design bespoke workout plans for their clients, enabling them to achieve their fitness goals. The higher their specialization and years of expertise, and the more specific their niche, the more a trainer is able to charge for their services. You can work self-employed as a PT, or work at a gym or health club.

Entry requirements: In addition to a high school diploma, you will need to complete a personal training certification from a recognized body (this has a low-barrier entry as many of these certifications are relatively inexpensive and can be completed within a few short months).

Average salary: $66,406

Life coach

Life coaches meet with clients 1:1 to discuss and work through their challenges, empowering the client and collaborating to create an action plan to propose solutions that will transform any area of the client’s life. Life coaches can be specialists and increase their earnings, choosing to focus on relationship and dating coaching, health coaching, career coaching, or financial coaching.

Entry requirements: Entry is virtually unregulated, although there are professional membership bodies that facilitate upskilling and provide ethical codes of conduct, such as Association for Coach and the International Coaching Federation.

Average salary: $62,500


Photographers capture important moments, special events, and subjects around them and use their technical and artistic expertise to deliver the final product. Photographers are hired for weddings, business events, conferences, fashion, landscape, and even food photography.

Entry requirements: To be a photographer you’ll need to undergo a degree or certificate program and have a portfolio that you can share with potential clients.

Average salary: $58,480

Massage therapist

In addition to consulting with clients personally, massage therapists release muscle tension and strain, promote overall wellbeing, and treat sports injuries.

Entry requirements: You don’t need a degree to become a massage therapist. What you will need is to undergo training certification program, undertake exams to obtain your licence, and most importantly, have an empathetic, caring, and compassionate attitude when working with your clients.

Average salary: $57,123

Private tutor

Private tutors are teachers that focus on a niche and train students in that subject, creating lesson plans and setting goals for their student’s success. For example, you could be a music tutor, private English tutor, or test-prep tutor.

Entry requirements: Similarly to coaching, there are no specific entry requirements to tutoring privately, however, it would be best to have significant knowledge and experience in your field, backed by numbers and certifications. This demonstrates your commitment to your trade and tells potential clients that they can trust you.

Average salary: $45,756


Chauffeurs convey clients between locations, ensuring they arrive safely, on time, and in personalized style.

Entry requirements: You must hold a driver’s licence. In the United States, some states require you to also hold a CDL (Commercial Driver’s Licence) before attempting to transport passengers. Furthermore, strict professionalism and going the extra mile for your clients goes a long way in establishing trust and solidifying your career as a chauffeur.

Average salary: $38,887


Whether blogging, copy-editing, writing entire copy yourself, or writing as a freelance journalist, writing can be a rewarding role, especially if the subject is one that you enjoy and are passionate about.

Entry requirements: Entry depends on the avenue you are pursuing. You may want to consider a journalism or marketing degree, but you can also train yourself to write excellent stories and copy if a degree is not an option. You can start out as a freelancer and gradually build a portfolio of work.

Average salary: Varies (depending on what type of writer you are, who you write for, whether you are freelance or full-time employed, etc.)

Not all “easy” jobs are truly easy in every sense of the word, but nonetheless, they offer respite from the more demanding roles and provide you an opportunity to find a passion, and pick up a new career you can commit to for the long term.


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