From a skinny lad to a certified fitness trainer, the journey of Daanish Zaffar has been full of exploring his interests and doing best in every field.

His interest in the field of fitness inspired him to have a physique he always wanted to build and live a healthy life. His transformation has inspired many people which led him to create content related to fitness and healthy lifestyle.  

Hailing from Anantnag, he is currently working as an IT consultant in one of the reputed organizations. 

Living in Bangalore where he pursues his career, he did a certifications course- diploma in diet planning and became a certified fitness trainer. He also started his own health and fitness blog and started writing answers on Quora which has garnered almost 600k views on his answers.

In Bangalore, he worked in various gyms which earned him a good clientine and offered them diet plans.

He said that he has been an online fitness coach as well and soon started his own website to reach out to most of the people with the help of his content related to fitness, body maintenance and healthy lifestyle.

He feels that in times of passive lifestyle and adulterant food intake, staying fit is more than a necessity. 

He said, “Most of the people ask questions about weight loss, weight gain, diet planning, daily workout, diet for controlling cholesterol, diet for healthy living and avoiding lifestyle disorders like PCOD and PCOS etc.”

Stressing on staying active, he said that in winters, an active lifestyle should be adopted. He said, “People often say that it’s too cold to step out for physical activity but at the same time our food intake is rich in nutrients during winters. This pattern of eating and passive lifestyle has given rise to most of the diseases and disorders. At least one can opt for home exercises to keep the metabolism and blood circulation active.”

He further said that starting your day with a glass of warm water with a pinch of cinnamon can help in detoxifying. “Diet is something to look at. Drink lots of water and add fruits to your diet,” he said. 

He said that one should develop interests and hobbies for mind development and reducing negative stress.

When the lockdown was imposed due to Covid pandemic, it gave him a chance to rediscover his passion for painting and sketching. Taking it further, he did certification courses in the field of art. Also, he has worked as a freelancer graphic designer for reputed international organizations by learning the technicalities of the domain. 

While signing off, he said, “I have tried to take my interests more than as hobbies and tried to learn about them to take them at some level. This age is about multi-tasking and it’s all about time management. One should try to be more productive and keep on learning.”




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