ARE you worried Artificial Intelligence could replace you? You’re not alone.

The question “will AI take my job” has been Googled more than 300 million times over the last few months as fears about the new technology spread.

Here's what you need to know about top AI jobs, potential salary and how to break into the industry


Here’s what you need to know about top AI jobs, potential salary and how to break into the industryCredit: Getty

A study by investment bank Goldman Sachs suggested it could eventually replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time positions across the US and Europe, with around three per cent of roles fully automated within two years.

Admin, architecture and legal work are expected to be most heavily affected, with up to 46 per cent of tasks undertaken by AI. But it also has the potential to create a raft of new roles.

According to jobs board Adzuna, there are close to 11,000 vacancies for AI specialists across the UK, with a hefty average salary of £64,968, and more being added.

Despite a wider slowdown in the tech sector, Open AI roles — working for the firm which created Chat GPT — have doubled in the last year.

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Demand for generative AI roles, where you work with the tech to produce content, has soared 500 per cent.

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, said: “Tech companies are competing to recruit the top talent to develop the best and most advanced AI tools and are willing to pay handsomely to attract the best candidates.”

Below is what you need to know about top AI jobs, potential salary and how to break into the industry.

MACHINE LEARNING ENGINEER (£106,250) CREATE algorithms and programs which allow machines to work without being directed by humans.

You will need a masters degree or PHD in computer science, data analysis skills and excellent maths.

DATA SCIENTIST (£70,191): THIS role involves the analysis and interpretation of large amounts of information.

Both Winchester and Nottingham universities offer degree apprenticeships and there is an entry-level apprenticeship available through British Airways. See

ROBOTICS ENGINEER (£45,192): THIS specialist designs and builds machines to do automated jobs in industries such as manufacturing, aerospace and medicine.

You’ll need three A-levels including maths and physics. See

AI POLICY SPECIALIST (£65,000): HELP formulate laws and policy decisions regulating AI.

There are jobs at the heart of government, in think tanks, lobbying organisations and big businesses investing in AI, such as pharmaceutical companies and universities.


A CAMPAIGN is calling for reform of sick pay system, and wants to see the abolition of the lower-earnings threshold that currently makes some workers ineligible.

Two-thirds of staff believe rates should be higher.

Statutory sick pay is less than £100 per week with workers needing to be unwell for four days before claiming it.

Amanda Walters, of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals’ Safe Sick Pay Campaign, said: “Sick pay needs to be higher, paid from day one and available to all.

“The Government must act to fix the system.”


USERS of social media spend an average of almost two hours a day scrolling, making it the new hotspot for scammers.

Jeremy Reis reveals the top social media job scam red flags


Jeremy Reis reveals the top social media job scam red flags

A recent study found 72 per cent of jobhunters admitted they wouldn’t know how to spot a fake job advert.

Here Jeremy Reis from business advice firm Explore Startups .com reveals the top social media job scam red flags.

  • No training required. If a job of any kind, advertised on social media or not, doesn’t require any formal training or qualifications, then it isn’t going to be a real job.
  • The salary isn’t disclosed to you even when you ask, or you are expected to work for commission only.
  • Avoid language such as “join” or “sign up” as this indicates that you are not applying for a job but adding your information to a multi-level marketing scheme. Around 99 per cent of people taking part will lose money.
  • You are offered your own business when you join. Entrepreneurs or business owners don’t need to sign up for things in order to open a business.
  • Opportunities to grow your business or get a promotion to involve recruiting new employees.
  • Be wary of digital nomad schemes that encourage people to put in an amount of money to be their own boss and start their own businesses from their phones. It’s likely you won’t see your cash again.


MORE than half of staff believe swearing is acceptable in their workplace.

Over half of staff think swearing is acceptable in the workplace


Over half of staff think swearing is acceptable in the workplaceCredit: Getty

A report found almost a third would say “bloody hell” to a work colleague, 30 per cent would use “damn”, and 28 per cent would say “p***ed off”.

A quarter would also say “crap” and “s**t”.

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The study by research group Perspectus Global found 19 per cent often write or say WTF at work, and 17 per cent use the acronym FFS in a professional setting.

Accountancy is the sweariest profession, with 24 per cent admitting to regular cussing, followed by builders, bankers and doctors.


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