Core Roots Connected Health Coaching founder Stephanie Sullivan is in the midst of a national competition run by Ms. Health & Fitness Magazine to raise funds for wounded veterans.

Sullivan became a contestant after the publisher chose her submission, and she began to receive votes when the competition kicked off May 1. The beneficiary, Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors, has a mission to build and remodel homes for critically injured veterans of the U.S. military. Allen, a former NFL defensive end and sack specialist, formed the foundation following a USO trip to military bases in the Middle East.

The homes are specifically made for veterans who are injured or disabled. Builds and remodels are tailored specifically for the individual’s injury and to provide accessibility. The homes are mortgage-free.

While there is an option that allows free votes, the contest is structured to allow for multiple votes if money is donated. Each vote requires a $1 donation, and there is no cap placed on the amount of money or number of paid votes. Public voting over the course of May whittled the competition down to the group finals, which kicked off June 1. Sullivan’s donations have since carried her through the wildcard and quarterfinal rounds, and put her in the semifinals. With quarterfinals wrapping up June 22, the semifinals began June 23 and will end around Thursday, June 29.

Similar to previous rounds, voting is reset for the semifinals, and the four competitors will compete for public votes to advance to the finals. Should Sullivan be one of the final two contestants, the finals will begin June 30 and end Thursday, July 6. 

The grand-prize winner will be announced Thursday, July 13, and in addition to receiving $20,000 cash, the contestant will grace the cover of a special print edition of the magazine and have a feature written about them. Sullivan said she is determined to win and place a spotlight on health and nutrition in southern Delaware.

“I want to represent all women, especially here in southern Delaware,” Sullivan said.

The certified personal trainer specializes in yoga, functional nutrition, meditation and breathing exercises. Following a diagnosis of Hashimoto disease, an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid gland, Sullivan took it upon herself to improve her physical and mental health. As a functional nutritionist, she not only focuses on the diet, but also the mindset of her clients. She uses a similar approach in yoga, which she said is beautiful and powerful, but also can connect people more with how they flow and move.

“We live in a high society, which means we do things that are repetitive,” Sullivan said. “We forget that we need to slow down, not just mentally, but in our bodies and how we move.”

She said her primary focus is people whose “life balance” has been offset by the course of their lives or certain events. She uses her expertise in nutrition, yoga, and strength training to help get people back on track. She wants to set people on the right path nutritionally, stretch them out, and begin to build up their strength. Sullivan said she assesses each client on an individual basis and tries to educate them. She prefers a hands-off method for motivation.

“I’m very in tune with all my clients. I try to keep up, and I want them to know that I’m there for them, but I’m not holding their hand,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan said if she wins the cash prize, she will use the money to invest in her education and continue to expand her wealth of knowledge about health. She said she thinks continuing her education in the role she is in is important because there are always new advancements in technology and science that can improve nutrition and health.

Anyone wishing to vote for Sullivan can do so at Users can submit one free daily vote or choose to donate to Homes for Wounded Warriors and cast multiple votes.

Information about Sullivan’s class schedule can be found by emailing [email protected].


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