ODCW wants to empower women by providing accessible wellness classes for mothers and all women.

Orange Door Collective Wellness (ODCW) is a strong advocate for mental health and body positivity. Their mission is to empower women by providing accessible wellness classes for mothers and all women. 

“The journey of becoming a mother is often heavily baby-focused within our community and mothers are often forgotten, said Katie Bookout, owner of Orange Door Collective Wellness. “I hope to continue growing the wellness community for mothers to access Orange Door Collective.” 

Bookout is a Certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (PCES). She did her Bachelor of Kinesiology and Health Studies program at the University of Regina with a Human Kinetics major. 

She started this unique business right after she became a mother. As a wellness professional for 9 years, she identified the lack of support and exercise for mothers within the community. “I acknowledged the overall lack of inclusion for women in all stages of womanhood through exercise in our community,” Bookout said.  

“I wanted to create a wellness platform that is easily accessible for women with demanding schedules, shift workers, mothers and women alike who find it challenging to access a gym.” 

She says time management has been critical for many women who simply do not participate in wellness and fitness training. She created both weekly live classes via Zoom and in-person sessions for flexibility purposes. To manage time, she is offering 30 minutes, 20 minutes, and even 10 minutes sessions to meet demanding schedules and activity levels.

Right now, ODCW is offering a variety of classes focused on the wellness of mothers and women who are entering motherhood.

Mamababe: Sweat class is a 60-minute class within their MamaBabe Program featuring total body strength workouts, cardio and a mobility component. This is an in-person program.

The Cardio & Core class is a 20-minute class suitable for individuals of all activity levels and featuring low-impact cardio and core exercises. This class is formatted on a weekly basis on Tuesday evenings via Zoom.

The Core & Restore class is also formatted weekly on Wednesdays via Zoom. The class is a 30-minute session featuring regressive core work and mobility exercises to help improve overall core strength and function.

Total Body Sweat class is currently offered on Thursday evenings via Zoom. This is a 20-minute class and is suitable for individuals of all activity levels and features low-impact strength, cardio, and core exercises. This class is also available through ODCW’s on-demand class library.

The Strength & Stretch class is a 30-minute class offered weekly on Mondays via Zoom. This is a strength-based and muscular endurance exercise followed by a mobility component. This class is also available through our on-demand class library.

Bookout says the only offerings that cannot be accessed virtually are their MamaBabe Program and the Private Sessions. She mentions that her classes have motivated many mothers who had nothing but appreciation for the classes.  

Here are some comments from Bookout’s clients within the Moose Jaw community of mothers:  

  • “Kate is knowledgeable and genuine, and I know I am in good hands in my postpartum exercise journey!”
  • “I have really enjoyed this class and actually look forward to coming! It’s a great excuse to get out of the house with the baby and meet other moms. Katie is a fantastic teacher and has done a great job at creating a welcoming, inclusive and non-judgmental environment.”
  • “Excellent atmosphere for mommas who are re-learning how to move and strengthen our bodies after having babies.”

Bookout says running a business has its challenges, as the classes are primarily held online. Her main challenge is to motivate her clients to stay focused and encourages them to attend every class. 

“I think that a major challenge with this is empowering women to be accountable and make their wellness a priority by “showing up” to Live or On-demand classes.”

She wants to thank Jessie and Mei-Ling of The Light Yoga & Wholeness Studio for welcoming her with open arms and helping her to grow ODCW.

Bookout wants to connect with other wellness professionals and physicians to provide education on both the importance and benefits of specialized pregnancy/postpartum exercise. She also wants to spread awareness and education about pelvic floor health and assist women with issues such as, poor posture, diastasis, bladder incontinence, and prolapse which are within her scope of practice. 

“Through appropriate education and interventions, I hope to connect with more women and assist them in these issues which are often frustrating, embarrassing, painful and often have an effect on women’s mental health,” she said.  

ODCW offers both online and in-person programs. They also provide private 1-on-1 sessions. For their Live/on-demand memberships, class schedules are posted one month at a time through their official website which also uses Arketa for scheduling and class streaming. Those who obtain either a Motherhood Collective or Woman Collective Membership have unlimited access to both weekly Live and on-demand classes. Their monthly MamaBabe Collective Monthly membership is about $75.57 and a 3-month saving membership would cost around $70.75 with unlimited access. A Motherhood and Woman Collective package is about $49.99 with unlimited monthly access. To purchase a membership or book private sessions call 306-630-5264 or email [email protected]. For more information check their website orangedoorcollective.ca



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