Known as the “Minister of Wellness,” Nathaniel Jordan said there is evidence all around us that African Americans face an existential crisis because of eating habits and poor food choices. Some people, Jordan said, are addicted to food in much the same way others are addicted to heroin or opioids. 

While this crisis is reversible, Jordan explained, there is a war against Black health and considerable barriers that make it extremely difficult for people to change.  

“We’re in a terrible position. We have no clue about what to eat according to our species,” said Jordan, a noted health and wellness speaker, nationally certified health coach and nutrition fitness specialist with the American Council on Exercise. “We have a food addiction to overcome but people have no desire to change. People are eating junk food, fried chicken, Chinese fried rice and fried hard greasy foods.” 

Jordan – who characterized what’s happening to Black people as “genocide” — said he’s on a crusade to help to spread the knowledge which has helped propel him to excellent health. Regardless of race or income level, a critical part of his organization’s mission is to reduce health disparities by informing and motivating the Black community as it relates to the healing power of lifestyle and nutritional medicine. 

He’s bringing his healing message to the DMV region on Saturday, March 18, 2023. He will headline a Free Community Health Fair and Seminar at Union Temple Baptist Church at 1225 W Street SE in Washington, D.C.   

Confronting Generational Health Challenges

He’s been a personal trainer and certified health specialist since 2015, fueled by watching awful eating habits decimate his family. 

“I was called to do this while mourning my dad, Pastor Eddie Jordan Jr.,” Jordan recalled. “He was taught by white pastors that he could eat anything he wanted – ham, chicken sandwiches and pork chops – as long as he blessed it in Jesus’ name. He ended up having nine strokes and went from being a strong, powerful man to taking 25 different medications and my mom changing his diapers.” 

Jordan said his father died at age 66. 

“I watched the entire family succumb to poor dietary choices,” said Jordan, 39. “My father had dementia, mom had a variety of diseases including breast cancer. Uncle Kevin died at 63 and Uncle Vann, who was a lifelong diabetic and owner of a multi-million-dollar business, lost everything.” 

Meanwhile, Jordan said he was dealing with his own health challenges.  

“My father’s problem terrified me, and something was telling me something was wrong with the food I was eating,” said Jordan. “When I was in the Marines, I weighed 165 pounds but as an officer with the St. Louis Police Department, I topped the scales at 260 pounds. My blood pressure was high and I had several health issues.”   

Learning How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

So Jordan, a husband and father of two, said he began the hard work of living a healthy lifestyle.  

“In October of 2011, after reaching a body weight of 260 pounds and 30 percent body fat. I utilized moderation and portion size control combined with vigorous exercise to lose 75 pounds by April of 2012,” said Jordan on his website. “I continued losing weight until I reached 168 lbs, and 4 percent body fat by November of 2012. I also reversed my high blood pressure during this time. Later on, I began to slowly put weight back on, reaching 195 pounds in May of 2013.” 

Jordan said he read “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, noting that the information in Fuhrman’s book changed his life forever. For the first time in his life, Jordan said, he learned the connection between what people eat and diseases. He said he now eats a plant-rich, nutrient-dense diet, as well as vital vitamins and minerals to boost his immune system. What makes his approach stand out, the ‘Minister of Wellness,” said is that he embraced Biblical teachings. 

“I started digging into the original scriptures and I am teaching the Biblical way of eating,” Jordan explained. “People lived long by eating fruits, grains, figs – everything natural and from the earth. I talked to doctors including Dr. Sebi and Dr. Laila Afrika, as well as Dick Gregory and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. I went to school and read hundreds of books.” 

“I have to put people on plants to cure cancer, diabetes and other diseases.”  

Inspiring the Masses

Celebrated boxing promoter and talk show host Rock Newman said he’s a huge fan of Jordan’s. 

“I’ve known Nathaniel since 2018. On MLK’s birthday, I flew him from St. Louis to D.C.,” said Newman, who is perhaps best known for guiding Reddick Bowe to the undisputed world heavyweight championship. “I was determined to be healthy. He was just beyond outstanding. Those six months were some of the strongest I’ve ever been.” 

“I’m a fan of Nate and a proponent of what he’s doing. I’ve seen it up close. I’ve struggled with weight all my life and I’ve seen the results when I’m as disciplined as possible,” said Newman, a Howard University graduate and trustee and a television and radio talk show host.  

On his website and during an interview, Jordan praised Newman for the progress he made while he served as Newman’s full time health and strength training coach. Jordan said Newman lost 75 pounds, reversed Type II diabetes and beat back other ailments.  

The Minister of Wellness is immersed in teaching the public about “the fundamentals of health and the healing power of food, helping thousands of people achieve their health goals and eradicate disease.” The St. Louis, Missouri-based author shares some of his experiences, challenges and successes by way of the books he’s written and presentations on health and wellness. 

Jordan concentrates on helping to educate clients and the public about the human body, food addiction, and the power of plant-based foods.  

“This is my calling. I will spend the rest of my life warning people that this is a genocide. COVID served as a wake-up call. The next one may be more deadly with a hantavirus or a mutation of Ebola which could result in 30 percent to 40 percent mortality.”


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